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Maria Bello in the hotel room bed.

Filmography :      - 2010 The Yellow Handkerchief     - 2010 Grown Ups       - 2009 The Private Lives of Pippa Lee        - 2008 Towelhead      - 2008 The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor    - 2007 The Jane Austen Book Club        - 2007 Butterfly on a Wheel    - 2006 World Trade Center      - 2006 The Sisters     - 2006 Thank You For Smoking      - 2006 Flicka   - 2005 Assault on Precinct 13       - 2005 A History of Violence    - 2002 Auto Focus     

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Actress Maria Bello shows off her spectacular breasts Mr. Skin - Celebs Expert
Maria Bello was born on 18 April, 1967 in Norristown, Pennsylvania. She went to Villanova University, majoring in political science. She had every intention of becoming a lawyer, but she took an acting class during her senior year, just for fun. She discovered she was very good at it, and she was soon cast in small off-Broadway plays, such as "The Killer Inside Me", "Small Town Gals With Big Problems" and "Urban Planning". She later guest-starred on episodes of "The Commish" (1991), "Nowhere Man" (1995), "Misery Loves Company" (1995) and "Due South" (1994). She got her big break when producers Kenny Lenhart and John J. Sakmar cast her in the spy show "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" (1996) as "Mrs. Smith" (they remembered her from her performance in a failed pilot that was a remake of the classic TV series "77 Sunset Strip" (1958)). The show was canceled after eight weeks on the air. Then came a spot on "ER" (1994) as "Dr. Anna Del Amico", in which she guest-starred on the final three episodes of the third season. The show's producers were so impressed with her that they asked her back as a regular on the series.
Has two brothers, Joseph and Christopher, and one sister, Lisa. Has 2 dogs. Flirted with a waiter at a family birthday party. The waiter became her fiance [July 26, 2008]. Had always wanted to be an action heroine, but gave up her dream two weeks before she turned 40, because she thought there would be no action roles for a lady her age. However, Rob Cohen called her up on her birthday and offered her the role in The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (2008). Her greatest memory from the set of The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (2008) was being in the desert playing football with 15 stunt men dressed as mummies.

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Actress Maria Bello shows off her spectacular breasts Mr. Skin - Celebs Expert
Jerry Stahl (Ben Stiller) chronicles his rise and fall as a television writer in Los Angeles for Kitty (Maria Bello), a woman he meets while he is in rehab. From a bed in a cheap motel, Jerry tells a darkly comedic tale of self-inflicted mental, emotional and physical pain. Directed by David Veloz. With Owen Wilson, Elizabeth Hurley, Janeane Garofalo and Fred Willard. Categories: Comedy, Drama, Romance. Year: 1998.
Permanent Midnight
Permanent Midnight
Permanent Midnight
Permanent Midnight

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