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Candida Royalle lovely star 70s.
A true original, Porn Star Candida Royalle has been a major figure in the adult film industry since the mid-1970's. While attending art school, the classically pretty brunette was lured into the world of figure modeling as a way to earn some extra cash. Candida Royalle soon found herself one of the top nude models in the nation, posing for scores of men's mags. From there, it was just a hop and a skip into the burgeoning world of 70's porn. She got her erotic start as the lead character in 1975's 'The Analyst,' a very early exploration of the appeal of anal sex. Candida Royalle's sultry and natural sensuality won over fans and critics alike, and she was soon one of the most sought after female performers. Candida Royalle solidified her rep as one of the hottest sexers around with over 50 white-hot performances, including turns in the XRCO Hall of Fame films 'Femmes De Sade,' 'Outlaw Ladies,' and 'Sexcapades.' In the early 80's, Candida Royalle took her talents behind the cameras, writing the historical porn flick 'Blue Magic.' She set up her own production company, Femme Productions, and began turning out a series of highly regarded, always erotic sex films that she wrote and produced. Top-notch erotic films like 'Femme' and 'Urban Heat' established her as one of the industry's most reliable talents, as she turned out one great couples-oriented porn flick after another. Candida Royalle appeared occasionally in sex films throughout the 80's, but now concentrates her efforts exclusively on the production end. She was inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame for her work both before and behind the camera, and Femme Productions continues to be one of the most popular and well-respected companies around.
Alternate Names: Candice Ball|Candace Chambers|Candice Chambers|Candace DeCarlo|Mary Pearson|Cyntnia Pleschette|Candida Rayalle|Candida Royal|Candida Royale|Candice Royalle|Candita Royalle|Jeanne Toller; Most frequent partners in DVD/Films: Ron Jeremy Paul Thomas George Payne; Filmography: 1. Kay Parker Double Feature N/A Buy this DVD 2. Candida Royalle Collection N/A Buy this DVD 3. Veronica's Diary N/A Buy this DVD 4. Anal Assault # 2 N/A Buy this DVD 5. Easy Alice (1976) 6. Olympic Sex Fever (1979) Buy this DVD 7. Sunny (1979) Buy this DVD 8. Football Cheerleader (1979) Buy this DVD 9. Ballgame (1980) Buy this DVD 10. Blue Ecstasy (1980) Buy this DVD 11. Outlaw Ladies (1981) Buy this DVD 12. The Tale of Tiffany Lust (1981) [ NonSex ] 13. Erotic Fantasies: Women With Women (1984) Buy this DVD 14. Only The Best Of Women With Women (1988) Buy this DVD

The golden collection of porn! Erotica of the roaring 80s!

"The Hottest Game In Town (1980)" 480x352
It is only 1 minute trailer of this movie.To watch more you need Authorize or get access! This is just reduced quality preview sample.
Country: USA; Year: 1980; Genre: Feature, Straight, Classic; Duration: 01:26:13; Starring: Brandy Lee, Candida Royalle, Connie Peterson, Ginger Lee Grace, Jennifer West, Ashley Welles, Lisa De Leeuw, Maria Tortuga; Studio: Caballero Home Video; Here's the pitch - 12 of the most beautiful, talented women ever to play ball, 24 of the most incredible breasts to ever hide in a wet T-shirt. 10 of the most handsome, virile men ever seen in an adult movie. The top in line in anyone's double-header, it's a home run guaranteed to make everyone score! Beautiful Lolita, queen of all the hookers, incarcerated in the city jail, finds more thrills than bargained for when she aggressively solicits her warden for improved jail conditions. She finds the sex starved public servant has one goal - to be governor - and has spent the jail refurbishing funds for his campaign. Lolita and the warden decide to have a "whing ding" of a baseball game to refill the jail fund and to quell his desires. The burly studs of cellblock B, a melee that contests brawn against brains, and bawdy bodies, see the Beavers against the Dicks, it's a game you'll never forget and a ballgame played like you've never seem before!

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