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Desiree West lovely star 70s.
Porn Star Desiree West (Date of birth: N/A) was one of the first black porn starlets. She had a full, curvaceous body with huge, firm breasts and a very pretty, wide-eyed face that had vaguely Asian undertones to it from certain angles. Desiree West's voluptuous good looks set the stage for the sexual fireworks that she invariably provided to each film she sexed in. She was one of the first 'wild women' of porn, always ready to push the sexual envelope with her nymphomaniacal need for raw, passionate trysting. Desiree West made her hardcore debut in 1973's 'Teenage Runaway,' and soon had established herself as the black starlet to call on if you wanted some spicy, sensual sexing. She was a very good actress who could handle any sort of part, from down-and-dirty to high-class. Desiree West never got too many starring roles, though, and was relegated to heating up screens from a strictly supporting level. She never let her lack of top-flight fame affect her performances, however. Desiree West could always be counted on for a hip-grinding, teeth-chattering good time. She retired in 1980, but popped up occasionally throughout the 80's in features such as 'Amos and Candy' and 'Lingerie Party,' where she showed that she still had what it took to heat up the screen with raw erotic energy.
Alternate Names: Pat Desado|Desireé|Desirée|Desiré|Jo Jo Gumm|Fat Lee|Patricia Lee|Pat Lee|Susie Sung Lee|Patty Lester|Buttercup McClinton|Desire West|Desirée West|Desirea White|Dee Dee Willing; Most frequent partners in DVD/Films: Joey Silvera John Holmes John Leslie; Filmography: 1. Annette Havens Triple Feature N/A Buy this DVD 2. Desiree West Triple Feature N/A Buy this DVD 3. Desiree West Triple Feature # 2 N/A Buy this DVD 4. Big Tits And Black Dicks N/A Buy this DVD 5. Best Of John Holmes # 2 N/A Buy this DVD 6. Eine Desiree West-Sammlung N/A Buy this DVD 7. Family # 3: 4 Pack N/A Buy this DVD 8. VCX Diamond Collection N/A Buy this DVD 9. Anal Assault N/A Buy this DVD 10. Legends Of Lust N/A 11. Do You Wanna Be Loved? (1975) Buy this DVD 12. Teenage Runaway (1975) Buy this DVD 13. All Night Long (1976) 14. Love Slaves (1976) 15. Teen Angel (1977) Buy this DVD 16. Black Silk Stockings (1978) 17. Physical (1981) 18. Sexsations (1984) 19. Ebony Erotica (1984) 20. Amos and Candy (1987)


"Amos and Candy(1987)" 576x432
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