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Porn Star Jessica Wilde is a brunette sex doll.
Porn Star Jessica Wilde is a brunette sex doll who appeared in over 100 features between her debut in 1984 and her retirement in 1989. Jessica Wilde is a pretty young brunette with a nicely proportioned body that has the soft curves and angles that were everywhere before the fitness craze swept the nation. She was a believable sexual performer with a down-to-earth beauty and a sense of humor that came through in her roles. Jessica Wilde wasn't a cover girl type of porn star. She struck you more as the mousy girl from high school who grew up and into her body and found out that men found her irresistably sexy. Jessica Wilde never took herself too seriously and always managed to find the right balance between light-heartedness and sexuality. She worked equally well with men or women and was one of the favorite co-stars among her porn peers. They, too, appreciated Jessica Wilde's under-developed ego and willingness to try anything once. Jessica Wilde was a stripper in Las Vegas for five years prior to her hardcore debut, and had a daughter in 1980. She left the sex film biz in 1989, leaving behind lots of white-hot sexing in flicks like 'Sex Academy,' 'Hyapatia Lee's Secret Dreams,' and 'The Woman in Pink.' Anyone interested in a heavy dose of natural sexuality and sensualism needs to check out the good Ms. Wylde.
Alternate Names: Jessica Savage|Jessica Wilde|Jessy Wylde; Most frequent partners in Most frequent partners in DVD/Films: Tom Byron Marc Wallice Peter North; Filmography: 1. Hyapatia Lee: 4 Pack N/A Buy this DVD 2. Teenage Christy Canyon N/A Buy this DVD 3. Ultimate Movie Marathon Classic Parody - 4 Pack N/A Buy this DVD 4. Young Nina Hartley: 4 Pack N/A Buy this DVD 5. Ron Jeremy The Lost Footage N/A Buy this DVD 6. Ginger Lynn's Yours For The Asking N/A Buy this DVD 7. Gold Diggers (1985) 8. Sex Academy (1985) 9. Gang Bangs (1985) 10. Video Tramp (1985) 11. Dance Fever (1985) 12. Amber Lynn Personal Best (1985) 13. Desperately Seeking Suzie (1985) 14. Mouth Watering (1986) Buy this DVD 15. Angels of Passion (1986) 16. Sin City (1986) 17. The California Reaming Experiment (1986) Buy this DVD 18. Mad Sex (1986) 19. Hot Shorts Presents Susan Hart (1986) 20. Holiday for Angels (1987) 21. Hard Choices (1987) 22. On The Loose (1987) 23. Sticky Situation (1987) 24. Throbbing Hood (1987) 25. Inches for Keisha (1988)

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"Mad Sex (1986)" 560x320
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Country: USA; Year: 1986; Director: Jack Remy; Genre: Porn; 01h 09min 02sec; Starring: Trinity Loren,Keli Richards,Summer Rose,Jessica Wylde,Herschel Savage,Billy Dee,Shone Taylor,Greg Rome; Description: At first, I assumed that this was going to be some sort of disgusting biker flick, with chains and made sodomy. The title, obviously a take-off of Mad Max, lead me to expect it. I’m happy to say I was wrong… mostly. The chains are still there, but only as scenery. Those looking for heavy bondage will have to go elsewhere. What exists are some very beautiful, sexy women getting it on with some male sleaze-buckets. But, fortunately, you don’t have to pay too much attention to the guys. The women will be all you’ll watch. It’s rare that I see a tape where I can decide which of the ladies is the best actress. It’d immediately go with Keli Richards (excellent in Debbie Duz Dishes, Caught From Behind IV and others), the girlfriend of a nerd who’s looking to buy the bikers’ house. Keli winds up making it with the head honcho of the club, “Big Daddy,” and she really comes alive in the sack! I like women who are vocal about their pleasures, and this feature is full of them, Keli being only the first. Trinity Barnes’ chest rivals anything seen in video today and Jessica Wylde is hot in her sex scenes. With no exhaustion, she takes on three members of the club at once, eventually uttering the funniest line of the picture. Mad Sex is well-acted, rehearsed and written with just the right amount of humor to offset the menacing scenery. For example, Big Daddy has just sent the nerd off to play with Trinity Barnes in the east wing of the house, while taking Keli Richards to the wet wing. It prompts Herschel Savage to remark, "I guess we’re staying’ here baby. We ain’t got no more wings."

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