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Lili Marlene
Porn Star Lili Marlene (26 February 1959) is a dishwater blonde whose sexual enthusiasm is absolutely second to none. Lili Marlene's got a nicely rounded, full-breasted figure and a high-cheekboned face that reminds you of a housewife gone oh-so-bad. Lili Marlene's career as a carnal performer spanned the 80's, and she left her mark on many a sex vid with her completely uninhibited sexuality. Lili Marlene's first film was 1982's 'Doing It,' and it was clear from the start that this was a woman to be sexually reckoned with. Lili Marlene was so excited and enthusiastic that she seemed on the verge of being out of control at times. Her grinding, moaning, screaming hystrionics were all the more arousing because they were so real. Nothing about Lili Marlene struck you as fake -- this was simply a woman who loved having sex for the cameras, and it showed. Whether with men or women, singly or in groups, Lili Marlene was just as enthused, working herself into a wild sexual lather that few women in porn have ever matched. Her large mouth was made for oral sex, and she went at it with a gusto that made it seem like she hadn't seen a man in years. Lili Marlene retired from the business in 1988, then returned for a few more flicks in 1990. Since then, Lili Marlene's been gone from the scene, but her appearances in more than 100 sexvids guarantee that she won't soon be forgotten by fans of intense erotic entertainment.


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