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Tara Aire
Porn Star Tara Aire (born 8 February 1958) is a dominant sexual performer whose rough-and-ready sexual style sits in vivid contrast to her youthful and innocent appearance. Tara Aire was one of the favorite choices of 80's porn producers when it came to coming-of-age films or roles that required a randy young strumpet to pull them off. She was a dirty blonde with a pretty, slightly pug-nosed face and a thin figure that would have been at home in the waif-look 90's. Tara Aire's acting skills were far and above those of her porn peers in the mid-80's, and she parlayed her talents into a string of starring roles that put her on the sexual map. Tara Aire turned heads from her very first film, 1981's 'Never So Deep,' where she took on a young Mike Horner in a blistering sex scene that was without a doubt the film's best. Tara Aire was a take-charge kind of girl who loved nothing better than putting her partners through their paces in every lewd and lascivious way she could think of. Tara Aire's best role would have to be her turn as a country girl who moves to the big city in 'Nasty Lady.' She turns in one of the hottest photo shoot sex scenes you're likely to ever see, full of her energetic and vocal sexual hysteics and lots of her forceful, tough-talking sexing. Tara Aire left the business in late 1984 after steaming up more than thirty hardcore features with her slap-happy romping.


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